Pathways flow dated following some windy tunnel of Great Escape

The ventures we dare not consider

The turns much too quick to contemplate

Splitsecond twists the kind that make you

forget about your headache

A purpose zeroes in in a gridlock closing in

no matter which way I choose to go

My entire beeline guided by the point piercing

the sky ahead blue in the strangest of colors

The hue of my sweater matching the royal fire

No star outshines this star when he decides

to say hello to all that he loves.

And here she is: faded broken down shutters

a bride in vine-stained white splashed by the

colors of the sky ahead, behind;

when I twirl she’s 360° all around me but the compass one

name on a map, one point on a satellite,

one run-down abandoned house looming into

the fading fire of the sunset,

silent hush God’s last whisper of farewell

before daylight takes over the darkness’s symphony.

And inside.

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