Silly son you don’t have to be gone to become all that is,

Your fantastic treasure chases still live on in your chest,

It’s time to unravel the quest and remember what you came here to do

There is much, much more for you. Visible, indivisible,

Available to you every frame of every moment never stagnant

Always whitewater racing to the next best thing

You become what you are and you’re far, far behind. Tell you what,

I will give you everything if you let your past die.

I must give up everything I am not to become everything that I am.

I am not afraid. I am with you. I am that I am. I am eternal.

Death is not free. Life is free. Life is given, death is earned.

Life is the laughter in spring in unlikely persons meeting destiny

In life we find miracles and mysteries, questions and answers,

Always skipping to the next chapter to find out what happens next

There is no rest when life is good and tantalizing and sweet,

The dreams are good to slingshot you into the fantasies you want to

SEE in panoramic perceptions you didn’t know your eyes could give you

See Heaven and explore the playground you’ve been given

There is more than you can know. Now step on it. Let’s go.

Gotta grab my jacket.

Come as you are.

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