And now we begin to play the game that the creators thought would never come to be.

Here we see the reality of nothingness and the insubstantiality of everything that is. Here we exemplify the dastardliness of daring to see something different than everyone else sees. Here is reality deconstructed and recreated and taken even further than it’s ever been. You don’t quite understand it yourself– but we will guide you along in a roundabout fashion.

Here we go.

Like attracts like, that’s how it’s been since the beginning of me, that’s who you are programmed to be. Nothing is coincidence, right? Well, what if you followed every subtle nuance of who you are– never missed a turn, never doubted a single impulse, feeling– what if you acted on everything¬† you wanted to do? What would you become? Who would you create? Death is the perception of leaving this world for another but it’s simply the becoming of everything. What do we constitute as death? What does death become? What if you were able to stay yourself even through death? Would you be the same? Would you turn into a million other things? Where would you be? Of course this is the definition of godliness but that’s not where we’re going with this. What if you became something other? What if you created something larger than that which is God? Is it possible? Is anything impossible? Can you, as an individual source of God transcend all that which it is?

Maybe, if you know how to do it.

Maybe, if you let yourself go.

Maybe, if you remember all that you are.

Keep up.

We are the expression of that which has never been, of that which is, of that which wants to be. We play in tandem with what is but you know we’re the alternate route, the road not taken.

Poor humans, lost in the stagnation of routine and complacency, repeating the same over and over again, so lost in that spiral that even what seems new is old beyond what you know. So, what then? How do we turn that road to the everlasting daydreams that man dares not pull entirely to consciousness?

We are new, we are old, we are you.

You have but to remember.

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